Filter Machine

Filter Machine


Included Kieselguhr filter and membrane filtration machine
1. Kieselguhr filter machine
As the different structure, Kieselguhr filter is divided into two types, plate type and pillar type. But they have the same operation method and manufacture theory. Both of them contained mix tank, supply tank, automatic control system.
The operation method is: Prepared CO2-fill water-exhaust-spread the diatomite1-3.5mm-spread the mixed diatomite400-500g/m2-pump the mixture 80-300g/100L-cycle-filter the beer-keep the pressure 0.02-0.04MPa/h -finish-discharge the diatomite-clean-update the diatomite.
2. membrane filtration machine
Usually it is pillar type, two machines combined, the method is: Prepared CO2- pump the beer-filter the beer-rebirth-clean. During the filter, ensure the cleaning of the machine, so as to continue the produce.
The rebirth process is: switch automatic-clean in normal temperature water for 5 minutes-clean in 70 water for 5minutes-2% alkali water, temperature is 70, clean for 25minutes-sterilize for 30minutes in 90 water-natural cooling for two minutes-discharge the pressure-pressure-ready to use.

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Brand Name: CGET

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